San Jacinto Neighborhood

sanjac9_cb0w (1)The San Jacinto Neighborhood is designated by the City of Galveston as the area bounded by Broadway, Seawall & 23rd Street. The San Jacinto neighborhood forms the shape of a triangle between 23rd Street, Broadway (Avenue J) and Seawall Boulevard.   Included in the neighborhood, is the Lost Bayou District, which has its boundaries at 16th and 21st Streets, and Avenues K and M ½. Additionally on Avenue N 1/2 between 2oth and 21street. As the neighborhood with the longest frontage on the Gulf of Mexico, San Jacinto was also the heart of the development on the beach, and Galveston’s tourist industry.

Neighborhood Association Meetings: second Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm at the Galvez Hotel

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Jan. 2016 San Jac Newsletter

Feb. Newsletter: What’s New Pussycat in San Jac

March San Jac News from the Hood

April Spring is in the Air in San Jac

San Jacinto Board Members

President/Chair: Angela Brown
Membership: Fred Huddleston
Treasurer: Tom Schwenk
Sec./Newsletter: Rosa Morgan
At-Large: Karen Geary
Gain Rep: Donna Dees
Garden: Kay Sandor
Lost Bayou: Joanne Griffin


October 21st 2015 GAIN meeting

At the GAIN meeting on Oct. 21st, there was a very informative presentation by Catherine Gorman, Historic Preservation Officer with City of Galveston’s Development Services department, gave a presentation about the new “Financial Incentives for Historic Properties.” The city property taxes are frozen at the value prior to rehabilitation for 10years. The tax exemption for Substantial Rehabilitation remains with the property regardless of ownership change. Historic is defined as building age of 50 years so a large majority of properties could be classified as such. Contact for more information.
City Manager Brian Maxwell, accompanied by assistant City Manager Dan Buckley, discussed the new city budget for $111 million. It will be partly funded by an approx. 8% tax revenues increase with roughly 80% coming from higher property appraisals and 20% from new construction. Other funding comes from FEMA for many Hurricane Ike infrastructure projects., many of which will be completed and new sources of funding will be needed for the next budget. One big plus was that all city employees were given an across the board 2% raise (this enhances their quality of life and directly filters back into the community as it is spent). There was much more information than space to include in this post. You should have been there for the question and answers.
GAIN meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 1501 Post Office st.

Galveston Bay Report Card

Galveston bay report Card
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