Coastal Study Texas
The Coastal Study Texas by the US Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) has been released. You will find it on the link above underneath the “Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study” as “Planning and Environmental Documents for Public Review”. GAIN will discuss it at their monthly Nov. 7th and Dec. 5th meetings. There will be a public hearing on Dec. 12 at the Gal. Convention Center. You are encouraged to read the study and comment to the ACE. Sections 4.3.4 and 6.6 are of particular interest to Galveston. You can ask questions of GAIN by email at

Summer Board Meetings and Block Parties

Due to many members being out of town during the summer months and historically low attendance at those board meetings, there will be no board meetings in July or August. We look forward to seeing everybody again on September 4th.

If you would like to donate to a fund to send the EEHDA webmaster on vacation, go to the Eehda’s website and click on the “site maintained by EEHDA” link at the bottom of the picture.

Due to the summer heat, the monthly block parties normally held on the second Friday of the month will be postponed until cooler weather with the onset of Autumn.

Block Parties

One way the EEHDA brings together the neighborhood is through Block Parties. Currently held on the second Friday of the month until November with the exception of the hot months of July and August, at 1501 Post Office street at the “Cottage” and adjacent grounds at Darragh Park.